Clients have unique and specific research requirements which do not fit into our regular outsourcing offerings. We categroize them as “custom projects” as each of these require specific and focussed scoping, research and implementation. A dedicated senior Business Analyst from the team works closely with the client to understand the specific research needs. The research scope is documented and a thorough process methodology is drawn up and discussed with the client before the start of the project. Custom projects get focussed attention from senior management and the client is kept informed on the progress with timely MIS.

A typical custom research includes any one or combination of:-

  • Industry Analysis- An overview of the specific industry or sub-industry
  • Product Analysis- A summary of the product scope, range and market share, etc.
  • Region Analysis- A detailed report on the geographical influences on the industry/product.
  • Competitor Analysis- An outlook on the key players, market share and their strengths and weaknesses.